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About Us

Once upon a time 3 eco warriors had a great idea to make the world a better place…well only kidding but we did do some thorough fishing around the various industries that supply consumables and we found none(?) that give you, our glorious customers, the rich experience you deserve. Having said that there are some sites which enable you to search for all things eco but there were so many options it made our heads hurt. As a result we decided to make it simple but effective – see the result here! So if you are a fellow lover of trees and all things green then join our crusade and give our eco filter whizzy thing a go. We’d also love your feedback on how to make it better so don’t be shy – let us know and say at the same time!


Kind to the planet

Planet Friendly Pocket Friendly

Now we can’t say we only sell eco items, although that is the long term goal, but the suppliers just aren’t quite there yet to allow us and, dear eco-enthusiast, we still need to offer you choice. But, and it is a big fat wonderful but, they are getting so much better! We have the privilege of hearing first-hand the amazing innovations they are bringing to market – from refillable pens to biodegradable folders it’s all happening. Meanwhile you’ll just have to contend with our filter to eke out not quite so planet friendly products – go on get them out of your basket…there’s bound to be another choice!!

Anyway enough about us – if you’ve read this far you must be one of us, one of the good ones who are going to make the right choice, who puts it in the recycling bin when you’ve finished with it or gives it to charity if it’s simply no longer required. Have a mooch here and let us know what you think.